Saturday, March 8, 2008

Makes you wonder

Apparently its a good thing to try and improve yourself. So where else would i go online other than on Wikipedia. I don't really know how this will improve my life but it sure helped me forget and relieve the despondency i was feeling.

I found the this and couldn't help but laugh, especially about Aeschylus a Greek playwright who was hit by a tortoise that fell from the sky. Ya i know, you're probably wondering how that happened. Apparently an eagle mistook his bald head for a stone. Oh, the tortoise lived to tell the tale. I wonder how his eulogy read. Death by eagle via tortoise?

I almost gave myself a headache trying to figure this out. I maybe wrong, but i think it's what i call scarcasm. Somehow someone has managed to make a living out of it and called it philosophy. I think maybe im wasting my time in my chosen job. Seriously. think about it why bother when you could easily pick anything from the blue write something convoluted and voila your rolling in it.


Tandra said...

agree with u on the chosen job thingy. reallly!! im thinking of ways to go down in history as someone who came up with some trullllly louzy theory.

Mo Maalim said...

Scene: Philosophy Class

Lecturer: What are you sitting on?
Me: A chair?
Lecturer: How do you know that you're sitting on a chair?
Me: (Thinking: WTF?)

I never did get the point of philosophy.

It's mostly mere sophistry to me. They phrase a thing so that it looks super-intelligent but when you strip away the 'big words' and look at the big picture, you realise that it's just a poopy pile of poop-scented poop.

3n said...

i find logic / philosophy quite interesting even though I was beginning to have a ka headache trying to understand Liar paradox on wiki.

"The next sentence is false. The previous sentence is true."

Isn't the statement both true and false?

Mo Maalim said...

Ok, I'll admit, I did learn how to detect a fallacious argument in that class.

But, that was the lecturer's downfall. Cause now I debated with him on almost everything he said!

candybox said...

@tandra yeah man, get paid for stating the obvious.

@mo fascinating stuff and now you've gone and made me start thinking about a chair lol. Poor lecturer i bet you weren't his favourite student.

@3n Go figure. Actually the whole thing is starting to be quite irritable cos i keep reading it over and over to see if i missed something.

31337t said...

i had a look see on that liar complex thing, indeed it is complex. I shall cease expending valuable brain cells on that matter as it seems that there is more than i would care to find out.

candybox said...

@31337t Just remembered what led me onto liar paradox it was strange causes of death. Some guy actually wasted away cos of insomnia trying to figure out the Liar Paradox. So i think i'll follow your

kiganda skunk said...

I guess that's why it is called a paradox: "an apparently true statement or group of statements that leads to a contradiction or a situation that defies intuition.."

But now- after reading the definition of paradox and applying it when reading the definition of liar paradox, I am just alittle more confused........

Jaybabe said...

Jaybabe was here. Now has gone to the links you gave. She'll be right back!

Keep your cool..!

valentia said...

okie...I tried..mebe its coz I'm tired..and suffering from a flu..but that makes no sense to me...

Mshairi said...

From Wikipedia, re: the Liar Paradox:

'Consider that if "This statement is false" is true, then what it says is the case; but what it says is that it is false, hence it is false. On the other hand, if it is false, then what it says is not the case; thus, since it says that it is false, it must be true.'

What? No wonder someone died of insomnia trying to figure the Liar Paradox out.

I am quite fond of the Temporal Paradox, however, :)

Thanks for visiting my blog, Candybox. Glad to meet another UK-based blogger. And by the way, I cannot imagine living anywhere else but London (with regard to your post below) ;)

sybella said...

lol... mo maalim. good for you.

philosophy... for confused peeps who want to confuse others!

but my dear what do you do that lets you have so much time to just browse through wikipedia?

Mwangi said...

Si even me I will enter into academia and study the effects of blue band on bread. I mean there are people studying everything else.

candybox said...

Kiganda please don't to understand try i hear it can cause death.

Jaybabe where art thou?

Val it's not the flu. Hope you're feeling better.

Mshairi i liked the Temporal Paradox very fascinating stuff. I too could not imagine living anywhere else apart from Kenya of course.
Thank you for visiting.

Sybella i had some time off work and now i'm not so sure it was a good idea. I've fried more brain cells than i do at work over 1 month cos of

candybox said...

Mwangi you'd be interested to know that there's a guy who won the nobel prize for writing the effects of swallowing a sword. I'd i've thought it was obvoius: you die. That is the honest to God truth saw it on tv yesterday.
Are people that bored?