Sunday, March 9, 2008

its a rant

When will we ever get away from stereotyping. I know i'm guilty of it in more ways than i care to think about. If you're of a sunny, sweet, cute, butter wouldn't melt in your mouth kind of disposition i'd advice you not to read any further. Consider yourself warned.

Somebody sees a bit of Crash the movie. A few black men arguing, talking "black" so they dismiss it as a "black" movie and they aren't going to watch it. Come back later and they see a Hispanic older man holding a gun to younger Hispanic man demanding his money back. Hence not a movie worthy of their intellectual mind.

A few choice words came to mind. Bollocks, bloody bollocks you bloody twat, ignorant injittit, fucktard. Get out of my face before i smash your fucking teeth in cunt. Seriously who the fuck does this cunt think she is. There; i now feel all nice and warm inside. Now where is that cup of hot chocolate i made earlier. Prick!!!!!

I know there are "black" movies out there that celebrate that kind of thug life so she was kind of justified in what she said, but i'm still not happy. This movie isn't about that at all rather it just points out what society has become and how we judge people due to race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, wealth or lack thereof, education, etc.


KK said...

with that kind of ranting ability.... I appreciate the distance btwn us... would hate to have you upset at me.... while within hearing range.... But I feel u on the baseless stereotyping

Tandra said...

rant away by all means!!

But i think i prolly wld not have watched Crash if i hadnt been in a particular mood. BUT it is a movie worth watching regardless of "first impressions", i think

Anonymous said...

yes, thank you for this post, am also going to rant about it. whenever they see more than 4 black men in a movie at intervals of 2 minutes, they say its a black movie, so what? why do we watch your movies when all they have is white people!?
i had this argument with someone last week. its someone we get along pretty cool. i asked him: have you ever watched the movie 'diary of a mad black woman' its very good and it was very famous, entertaining.
now, since hez heard the word black, the bastrad goes like: you could explain it tho it sounds...i didnt give him time to finish, i went like: sounds black? and he was like: no, i mean...i mean. am like:what do you mean? he says explain it to me. i do then when i finish he says, sounds interesting but i dont watch that kind of movies, why would she even do that to her own husband (the character in the movie) thats bad. and i concluded by saying: thats a bad and nasty movie, right? but when a white woman murders her husband and runs away with her lover then the movie is cool.
he was left speechless...

~beth ♥ said...

Stereotyping is baseless and it seems to be a growing plague. Those of us who have lived in 2, 3 or more cultures are usually the more tolerant and open-minded individuals of the human race. With more and more people traveling you would think we could see the end of the ignorance plague as opposed to its massive growth.

antipop said...

i live wit styreotyping everyday. in my culture, women are known to beat up men, so everytime i say to someone that i am from that culture, i am immediately branded a man beater!!!

candybox said...

KK i tend to rant in my head/mind. So you're safe.

Tandra i wouldn't have watched it either, only it was recommended.

Neema lol very interesting concept there. I would never have thought of it that way. Bet next time he'll be careful what he says to you.

Beth you would have thought so, buit alas no such luck yet or ever.

Antipop where have you been? Missed you.
Funny you should say that. I have the exact same problem because of where my parents are from.

Maua said...

I'll try watch it b4 commenting. Otherwise, I could be stereotyping as well.