Monday, March 17, 2008


I may be showing my age here but i think i had the best childhood. Was chatting with my pals a while back - post new year's eve alcoholic over indulgence - about the games we played as kids and boy were we creative or what. Not a day went by that you could say you were bored, everyday was an adventure and the world was your oyster.

Remember shake - the best match was when playing a rival gang ( i use this term loosely) the perceived gang was somebody from a different court/estate. Or when we played boys against girls. We'd spend all day playing even taking a lunch break was an issue because unless everyone agreed to it nobody was having lunch and you can forget about a bathroom break that animal didn't exist.

Then there was rounders ( this game was loosely based around baseball) - same rules as above but this was a game of speed, the faster you could run the better then everyone wanted you in there team. And if you could hit hard and far, even better.

Around the the time of the international Safari Rally ( cross country racing with cars) the boys would start making their toy cars using coat hangers, paros flip flops, empty detergent boxes, inner tyre tubes to hold all the bits together, bottle tops for wheels, etc. It was all about creativity. Some were quite good, some were just rubbish and wouldn't make it past the first leg.
But it was the taking part that mattered - at least for the looser. There was also somebody keeping score. This would go on for days on end, or so it seemed to me, being a girl as this was generally a boys game.

There was this other game can't remember the name, but somebody would stand against the wall or pole with their back to everybody and say, "I went to london and i saw...?" What one was supposed to have seen in london, i haven't got a clue.

The plan was to run towards the person as they were reciting this, then stop and pause before they finished. Then said person would come around carefully checking them out. If you so much as moved or laughed, you had to go to the front. And so and so forth until the last person. Who would have to "cut" the link then give chase and try and tag someone. If tagged, you were it.

These are just but a few of the games we played.

Then we moved to the teenage years. Ah the shit we got into with our parents due to our misadventures. You could easily have sold your soul to the devil just to be able to go clubbing.

I know you remember the thrashing/telling off you got the next day because:

You wrote off the new car

Of that household item you sold so you could have money to go out

You rolled in early hours of the morning off your face

The money you nicked off your dad's wallet and you've been found out.

The hustling involved cos you wanted, no, needed money to heng

You didn't come home for three days cos you've been off your face

You thought you were more clever than your parents and lied about where you were going. I think there were a bit too many farewell parties.

And just because they could. I think that's self explanatory

My pal told me the bro once travelled all the way to shags and sold the
price cow. What madness.

Some people were quite enterprising; they started some kind of business - i know someone who'd borrow movies from the video library, then sell them on to his aunt who had a video library as This only happened when he wanted to go clubbing.


Maua said...

Hehehe, those were the days. you forgot hide and seek with a kimbo tin.

And the panos I got. Ngaatho. I once wrote a note to my mum saying I was going to a prohibited party, and didn't mind if she killed me when I got back, but I had to go. What I got was more than killing. I'll tell you anaa day.

candybox said...

Oh yeah i remember that one. I think we called it kicking the tin.

thrretypesofcrazy said...

atii that household item you sold to get money? wooiiiyyyeeee! how now!

loooool @maua- you wrote what? picturing what you may have received on your return. hehehehehe

KK said...

LOL! I thought I was bad...

Tell me Candybox... what do you like about that movie - Apocaalypto... watched it last night for the 1st time.

Tandra said...

good old days indeed. Sometimes i wonder what the point of those games were and who taught whom?? we all seemed to play the same games..but who were the originators?? huh? huh??

sorry.getting a little carried away....laterz.

Nakeel said...

Yes good old days.. Did you swing and set a far leave where whoever touches it continues being thrown by all of you..

Be silent said...

Yeah i remember playing rounders wonder how we came up with such games

sybella said...

you were a naughty girl candybox... sell something from the house so that you can go out? my mother would have whipped you till you were blue/black...

rounders reminds me of high school...

~beth ♥ said...

God ... I miss the rally. I'm so homesick.

Mr.Back2Basics... said...

Well Well

This is going to inspire a massive Ol-Skool post for me Candy!!
Thanks for dropping this...

The part where you thought you were "sharper" than your parents was a definite No No!!

That drama just wasn't gwan happen...
in my case, the words "Full-Proof" were amazing!
Guess me and me sister's innovativeness was killer!

guessing being a good girl has its sources huh!



antipop said...

tell me about it! i still hate bein a grown up. i secretly still play rounders with the neighbours kids- when no one is hom. oh and i got beat up a lot- are those also the good ol' days? i wonder

Mo Maalim said...

Me I was a goody-goody (no, not the kind you eat) and was content staying at home.

Now, the thrashings my bros (older & younger) got when they got those clubbing cravings and stole the car...

31337 said...

Oh what i did get up to, if i was to reveal! Lets just keep it under wraps for now, maybe one day i shall drop a post. That was quite the eventful time eh?

Anonymous said...

hehehe...i love this post..yes 'shake'

candybox said...

3toc si i hear some people would sell the spare gas cylinder at home.

KK i didn't actually do all of the above.
What's not to love about Apocalypto? I've actually been trying to do some research about the history of the Mayans although i understand the movie is not accurate.

Tandra thats a very good question but i haven't got a clue lol.

Nakeel i hated doing that cos it always scared the shit out of me, but i always got back on

Be Silent i always thought it was because of baseball, but guys were too lazy to follow the rules.

sybella no i didn't do all of the above. Its just stories i've heard guys telling

beth it was homesickness that prompted this post.

mrb2b My parents didn't actually buy my lies i think it just got to a point where they just couldn't be bothered anymore. Unless i went too far then shit would hit the fan.

antipop even that counts for good old days

mo there were days i wished i could just be content to stay at home, until the weekend when i'd change my mind. How did you manage it?

31337 i will wait for that post patiently.

neema as ususal doesn't really say much apart from when she's ranting lol. Shake was my favourite game though.

val said...

yaani you bebana with the gas cylinder to get cash for clubbing??????? this post...I played all those games..miss being a kid now..damn!!!!
*british bulldog
*bladder (sp)
*chobo mob
*collecting monkey nuts for hours on end so that we could have a "monkey nut fight- boys versus girls"

men!!!!!!!!! those were the days :)