Wednesday, May 28, 2008

all grown

Oh dear i think i'm all grown up now.

The clubbing scene ain't doing much for me anymore. The excitement of a plot to heng is gone. I really don't see the point of paying a cover charge just so i can sit and listen to music and watch young girls gyrating to the sounds of Soulja Boi/Boy singing Crank That or is Dat. Giving their own version of soft porn.
I'm content enough with going to the pub. Discovering new pubs to drink in and good company is the height of my excitement. How boring is that.

I've also turned into my mum. I love my cup of tea or as the English call it, cuppa. Cockney call it rosie lee. When i'm tired nothing does it like a cuppa. After taking a shower, in the evening i sit in front of the telly in my dressing gown with rosie lee. After a meal i reach for a fag and a nice cup of tea. Nothing does it better than tea while having a girlie chat on the phone. If i'm cold, stressed, content, hangied. The list is endless.

Nothing beats a cuppa when blog horing.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

consider yourself warned

No See Cats of Yours

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

politics, shpolitics my arse

So had my girlie drink which was long overdue. It was a case of, "Ok last drink then we've got to go", "Ok last round". That lasted 4hrs. 4 short hours. It was well worth suffering today at work. I think these things should not be held out for so long cos that's when you end up staying longer than is sensible. Trying to catch up on the last few months. Nuff said.

This has really got my back up. Talk about spin doctoring. A black soldier wounded at war, Prince Harry makes a fuss. Abracadabra and who's the daddy.... headlines. I commend the soldier for "believing" in something so passionately he's willing to give his life, but i wonder, was the fuss genuine or was it about spinning?

This was how i broke it down; young black soldier wounded at war, he takes the same flight home as Prince Harry, Harry gets home and the spin doctors tell him this is a great angle to work, visit him in hospital, make a big fuss about him being your hero and voila HEADLINES. How many have died? How many have been wounded? Why am i supposed to care about him more than the others? What about the ones who've been back shafted bila KY jelly? Are they less important? How come they didn't make it onto the news, every last one?

There is a reason why i don't bother with politics. It's always about working an angle and assuming the general public has the IQ level below that of an average house plant. So when people get into a heated argument about politics, i think they need some sense knocked into their so called intellectual brains. Why would anyone of sound mind and body need to sit and discuss the pros and cons of some ego maniacal, bigoted retard?

Don't tell me about it, don't discuss it with me, get your finger out of your arse and do something about it.

Monday, April 28, 2008

something or nothing

Nothing to say/write again. So here i am staring at the screen and wondering about the weather. Isn't that what the British do. If there's nothing to say then talk about the weather, i guess its rubbed off on me.

The sun is threatening to burst through the clouds. I hope it doesn't rain though. I'm meeting my bestest friend for a drink later today. It was her birthday on Friday, but didn't have the fortune/misfortune to be with her on that day. So we're going to catch up today. It's been awhile since i had a proper girls only drink. I'm really looking forward to it.

I love Loose Women for no other reason than Carol_McGiffin. It's a love/hate thing though. In some ways we're so much a like, but when i disagree with her views its so passionate i want to punch the screen. I should probably get a life, but i'm a tv addict.

Totally unrelated news. I'm watching the news and what i'm hearing is horrifying. Man imprisoned daughter in cellar for 24yrs and fathered her 7 children. He kept them hidden in the cellar all that time. The eldest is 19yrs and it was only after she became seriously ill and had to take her into hospital that the story became public.

There. That's me done saying something or nothing.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Strange man

After reading this from kk about supermarkets i've stopped tapping my toes and giving loud audible sighs (like any anybody cares) as i stand in queues in supermarkets. Now i'm paying more attention to what is going on around me with bemusement.

Incident; I'm next in line when the man in front (MI) says to cashier (C):

MI: Excuse me miss did someone attack you on your neck? ~sounding very serious~

C: Ermmm yes ~blushing~

MI: They could have attacked you vigorously. It could even have been a big red bruise.

C: Yes it could have been ~not really enjoying being the butt of the joke~

MI: Maybe next time you should leave your hair down. ~grinning wickedly~

C: Yeah maybe i will ~with a roll of the eyes~

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

to be or not

With fingers shaking in trepidation i have decided to pay a visit here.

Like a jealous mistress she has taken hold and won't let go. Everywhere i go she is lurking just round the corner. Watching my every move, every little nuance is interpreted to mean that my interest is waning. I had to sneak in here today. So i have to rush before im busted.

To be quite honest im not sure that i even want to be here anymore. Then maybe i would have to admit to myself that i have nothing to say. It is so much easier to blame it on my mojo or lack thereof.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

no shit, Einstein.

Photobucket I got a very interesting email today. I refused the advances of somebody so i was insulted;

"Wewe ni nyee (You're bollocks). That's why you don't have a boyfriend. Think."

I think for some reason this is supposed to give me sleepless nights. All i know is, my gut instinct was right from the off set.