Wednesday, May 28, 2008

all grown

Oh dear i think i'm all grown up now.

The clubbing scene ain't doing much for me anymore. The excitement of a plot to heng is gone. I really don't see the point of paying a cover charge just so i can sit and listen to music and watch young girls gyrating to the sounds of Soulja Boi/Boy singing Crank That or is Dat. Giving their own version of soft porn.
I'm content enough with going to the pub. Discovering new pubs to drink in and good company is the height of my excitement. How boring is that.

I've also turned into my mum. I love my cup of tea or as the English call it, cuppa. Cockney call it rosie lee. When i'm tired nothing does it like a cuppa. After taking a shower, in the evening i sit in front of the telly in my dressing gown with rosie lee. After a meal i reach for a fag and a nice cup of tea. Nothing does it better than tea while having a girlie chat on the phone. If i'm cold, stressed, content, hangied. The list is endless.

Nothing beats a cuppa when blog horing.