Sunday, January 6, 2008


I'm not sure what was going on last night maybe there was a full moon, maybe its because i was not inebriated, but what i do know is that it was quite a strange evening.

I'll backtrack a bit. My friend just got back from her holiday so we decided we wanted to go clubbing much as she protested we did manage to convince her it was a good idea. So we set off at 1 am, normally by this time im a bit tipsy but not today - sober as a judge

Not quite sure how to get to club but claim i do. Get lost twice but only admit to it once. Will have to get designated driver a SAT NAV as present soon. Get to club, realise we need an ATM, ask bouncer for nearest ATM, its just round the corner, turn round to head in said direction and that's when we encounter the first nutter of the evening.

Said nutter starts leering at my pal, we ignore him, then he invades her personal space so we decide to turn round and go in for a bit then come back out later. Now, this is not the first time we've been to this club but tonight its full of nutters and the ratio of men to women is 1:10 and they seem to get a bit excited when they see 3 females walk in together. We cant even seem to get to the bar without some idiot thinking Xmas is back again and he fancies his chances with us even though he can barely stay in a vertical position.

We decide to just have the one drink then leave. Decide to go smoke (smoking ban - grrrrrrhhhhh, winter - grrrrrhhhhhhh). Everybody outside seems to be looking at something with a lot of curiosity, look in same direction but see nothing. Two puffs later, five o and i think oh fuck don't need this. Bouncers had bounced two people out of the club and knocked them into unconsciousness. But to look at them - butter wouldn't melt

Go back in finish second drink and leave for another club (been to this one before as well). All seems well - no nutters. Don't know why we even bothered not really feeling it at this time. Any way buy drinks, join some pals already there. Then pal of a pal decides he wants to discuss the state of my country Kenya (political/ethnic clashes) in my ear, i mean what with the loud blaring music; I'm not that into politics; halitosis (his not mine); and i just cant be asked.

Towards the end of the night the DJs decide to swap and this one cant seem to stop talking - shut up and just spin the record if i wanted to listen to someone yucking away i've got one in my ear right now grrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh.

Said dj is loving the sound of his voice so much that when the crowd starts getting rattled he doesn't notice. He's trying to make light of what is happening in Kenya (bad idea), but he seems to be retarded. Bear in mind the place is full of Kenyans from different ethnic groups who've decided not to let the recent chaos dictate to them who they can hang out with.

Long story short we very nearly had our own little war.

Got home in one piece thank the heavens.

Weirdest night ever. Note to self - stay away from the clubbing scene for a while.


Tandra said... sorry, i shdnt be laughing but the nutters got me good.

I know all about dj's who feel themselves..who be intheir Zoney's n dont care that peeps b bored outa their skulls.

Kenya's stn, we r still praying for peace and peace shall return.

Thanks for dropping by.

antipop said...

always wanted to say something about dj's who rave in the middle of songs. couldnt have said it better. wat next after ditching clubbin?

antipop said...

hey, u have to approve comments first?

candybox said...

@ tandra it is funny

@antipop haven't a clue what to do if i stop clubbing any suggestions?
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Anonymous said...

thanks for making a cameo at the castle. come back whenever you please. i shall do the same here....

Ssembonge said...

There was once I dropped a friend at Richmond park at night. On my way back into central London, I got lost at the kingston-upon-thames city centre one way 'circular'. I've never driven round a one way system that many times. Everyone I asked could not point me in the direction of london.

I have since learnt my lesson. Never drive to a unfamiliar location on a rainy night without your prescription glasses.

candybox said...

@ ssemb even with glasses you need SAT NAV to get to grips with the one way systems in central london