Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Strange man

After reading this from kk about supermarkets i've stopped tapping my toes and giving loud audible sighs (like any anybody cares) as i stand in queues in supermarkets. Now i'm paying more attention to what is going on around me with bemusement.

Incident; I'm next in line when the man in front (MI) says to cashier (C):

MI: Excuse me miss did someone attack you on your neck? ~sounding very serious~

C: Ermmm yes ~blushing~

MI: They could have attacked you vigorously. It could even have been a big red bruise.

C: Yes it could have been ~not really enjoying being the butt of the joke~

MI: Maybe next time you should leave your hair down. ~grinning wickedly~

C: Yeah maybe i will ~with a roll of the eyes~


val said...

Teeheehee...was he jealous???

She must have been emabarassed...but si thats the purpose of make-up?? (val ponders in amusement)

candybox said...

Kwanza he was his 12/13yr old daughter i think (she looked young enough). Everything went over her head. Or she was lenga-ing.

Mwangi said...

He was probably trying to katia her. Plus she seems to have been pretty proud of her ka-nookie.

KK said...

Now that's just rude... if I may say so

antipop said...

next time, carry a gun. so that while you look around bemusedly, you take time off to shoot people like MI

candybox said...

mwangi if that was the case, he needs to up his game.

kk you may

antipop please don't put ideas in my head

Half n Half said...

Maybe HE is the guy who attacked her! couz that convo is too weired to have with some anon person!

sybella said...

oh my... when i read it, first thought it was you who had the hickie!

val's right, he probably was jealous...

Mo Ma said...

Don't shoot me but that sounds like something I would do. :P

Mr. B2B said...

That dude ain't only strange!
He's just like Michael...
Michael Jackson that is!
and she was there falling over him!

Lollin at Antipop's idea!

me said...

Pay for your ish and move buster, or he was hoping to get some? [not talking groceries here]

Anonymous said...

that guy is sick

candybox said...

HnH I hadn't considered that, but it might be a possibility

Sy Hickie? Me? Where? How? Lol

Mo, Mo, Mo you naughty boy, you.

B2B What's MJ done now? Need a catch up.

Me Is that me or is that you?

Neema I don't think i'd go that far lol.